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Step-by-step instructions

Let's recap what all happened in the last minute you are reading.

  1. A fully branded affiliate portal is setup at Zealandia Honey's Affiliates Programme
  2. You can find the link to this page under https://www.zealandiahoney.com/afilliate
  3. Press the link provided under 'Create an account now'
  4. After you sign up, you are given a unique referral link and 10% coupon code to share with your followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media you like.
  5. Your followers visit our online store at https://shop.zealandiahoney.com/ through the referral link and purchase products or use the coupon code during checkout
  6. The visit of your follower is tracked and you are given a 20% commission fee for the sale and can make a living by promoting an amazing brand with a strong customer base and by selling our honey products online

Sounds to good to be true?

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