Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection.

In association with Enterprise Great Lake Taupō, we take a look at local businesses who are adapting to deal with the challenges presented by Covid-19.

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When the Covid-19 lockdown plans were announced the team at Taupō honey exporter Zealandia Honey were in shock.

"Our first thought was, no way, this can't be happening right now" says Sri Govindaraju, head of marketing and sales at Zealandia Honey. "We were right in the middle of preparing a big order for United Arab Emirates, and had finalised another order for a new client in Saudi Arabia. Honey drums were coming in from different parts of the country and we needed more packaging and labels."

After several intense days of planning, re-scheduling, and creative thinking, Zealandia Honey was able to get their production line back on track.

"We sent all our suppliers a letter explaining our status as an essential business and how we had adapted our operations to meet the Covid-19 requirements. It was important to reassure our contacts that Zealandia Honey had government approval to operate and that we were taking the situation seriously" says Sri.

The company's flexible business structure has helped the company adapt quickly. Prior to the lockdown the team was already working remotely, catching up in person for weekly team meetings and client appointments. It was a relatively easy transition to have meetings over the phone or on video conference.

"We see ourselves as a cloud-based honey company. We don't have our own beehives, factories or storage facilities – we make use of the extra capacity through the network. We believe that collaborative approaches like this are a great way to grow collectively as a community and it also greens our economy" says Sri.

Zealandia Honey in front of north island Ruapehu honey

Zealandia Honey has experienced an increase in enquiries over the last month due to the known health properties of New Zealand honey.

"Honey isn't antiviral, so it won't protect against Covid-19 directly. It's always a good idea to boost your general health by eating natural" says Sri.

Sri's advice for businesses during these challenging times is to be open-minded.

"You may have to change your processes and look for new options. It won't be perfect, and there will be things that are out of your control. Everyone is under pressure right now and it's really important to keep communication open and recognise that this is a difficult time.

"Look after your team and be patient with your supply chain. And don't underestimate the power of collaboration!"

“You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why!
🎅 is coming to town”

Did you just sing this along with me? I bet you did! Every Christmas my heart pounds to meet Santa Claus! Christmas has always been about surprises or decorating the very famous Christmas tree🎄 with tinsels, wrapping lights and beautifying it with dangling stars, angels and bulbs.

Christmas gifts wrapped

We are not far away from Christmas and carols🎸🎼 have already made their way to my house while the city is bustling with shopping deals and kids are prepping for their skits. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year⭐. It’s not just a festival but a season that brings immense joy and the heart aches for more when it’s all over.

Girl on the street staring at the Christmas lights

Christmas for me, however has been very different from what it means to others. It’s different from just welcoming it as a holiday season or kissing under mistletoe or even fantasizing the mythical creatures like Rudolf guiding Santa’s Sleigh. I’m not here to bust any myths but to share a very personal experience of Christmas. It hails from the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus Christ and how he dwelt on earth for the well-being of others. And that has been “My Christmas”. A question I ought to ask myself each year - what am I going to do for others this year?🎁

Girl with Santa Cap gift wrapping

I love being a Santa🎅 to people and especially to my near and dear ones and to the less fortunate too. I’ve found an answer to my question this year. I’d be a Santa who doesn’t distribute chocolates but a healthy natural sweetener instead. This year Santa’s surprise will be the gift of a honey jar 🍯. Zealandia Honey, crafts premium quality Manuka Honey and offers Christmas deals that makes it affordable to gift.

Zealandia Manuka Honey

Today I urge you all to be a Santa to others – A Santa who possesses magical powers: Power to keep others fit and healthy. Gifting🎁 can get pricey especially when you’re gifting it to many. Zealandia Honey has Manuka Honey Sachets that are reasonably priced. Have you checked it out already? What a perfect sweet to gift this historic Christmas🍯.

Zealandia Honey Sachets

Being a brand new member of Team Zealandia Honey, I’m astonished and awestruck with the range of pretty cool merchandise they have👕. My first thought was, how can a honey brand have products like a cap, tee, tee dress or even a hoodie? So bizarre but trust me, they are quality products with a sophisticated look. How awesome is it to go around with a nature friendly product!

Beeswax food wrap from Zealandia Honey

But to be honest, what really caught my attention was the bee wax wrap. Like me, many of you may not know much about it. Bee wax food wraps are an alternative to cling wraps. They are eco-friendly products crafted by our very friendly NZ bees🐝 and they help in keeping the food fresh and healthy. I have been using them for a while now and they work like magic! You must try it and share your story with us.

Holding a wrapped gift

So yes, Zealandia Honey is a honey brand🍯 that can give you a lot more than just honey! It’s the best Christmas gift for your mom, partner, friends, relatives or it could be a good Secret Santa gift🎁. I won’t be surprised if you land up buying something for yourself too J but why not! Be your own Santa too. Ho! Ho!🎅

Hop on to our website and avail offers or checkout some special Christmas pricing deals at

And Hey! Guess What!

I’ve been a Santa already - to all of you this year 🎅

& yeah


Christmas deals and discounts

Many of us often wonder what those crystals in a honey jar are. Some of us think the honey is of poor quality, has gone off or is contaminated. Since it looks quite unattractive and unfavorable, it gets thrown away thinking it is spoiled. What if we tell you you’re wrong? Let us answer some of the most common questions in a very scientific yet simplest way.

What is Crystallized Honey? Is it good or bad?

Crystallized honey in a spoon and jar
Crystallized Honey

Crystallization in honey is a natural process. Honey has a tendency to crystallize over time with no effect on the honey other than changing external features like texture and color to an extent. So you can decrystallize your honey and consume it without thinking twice.

Why does honey crystallize?

The two parameters that influence the crystallization in honey are -

  1. The glucose + fructose ratio
  2. Temperature
Crystallized honey on a finger
Take a closer look at the honey crystals

Honey is made of natural sugars. It typically contains at least 75% sugar and 25% water. So honey naturally has more sugar in water than it can fully dissolve. The overabundance of sugar in honey makes it unstable to an extent.

The two types of sugar found in honey are glucose and fructose. Glucose has less ability to dissolve than fructose. Glucose separates out from the water and remains as crystals in honey. The crystallized honey has a paler/ lighter color than when in liquid state.

How long does it take for honey to crystallize?

Beekeeper with a frame harvesting honey
Harvesting Honey by our Beekeeper

Different types of honey crystallize at different rates. In some, crystallization begins straight after harvest (process of extracting honey from the hive), within 1-2 months, and some take longer like 2 years after harvest. The faster the honey crystallizes, the smaller and finer the crystals will be. If the crystallization occurs over a longer period of time, they’re more likely to be larger and grittier. Clover honey crystallizes faster than Manuka Honey as it has higher glucose to fructose ratio.

What is the best way to store honey?

The other significant parameter to have effect on crystallized honey is the storage temperature. Storing honey below 10C delays crystallization and so does storing at 21C-27C which is optimum temperature. Anything in between 11C-20C favors the process of crystallization. Therefore, storing honey in a refrigerator accelerates the crystallization process.

How to fix crystallized honey or how can you decrystallize honey?

Zealandia Honey® Gold Jar with a spoon of Manuka Honey
Zealandia Honey® Gold

Hack #1: If you put the jar of crystallized Manuka honey in warm water and stir, it will decrystallize the honey. The honey will become liquid again.

Hack #2: Don’t microwave as the rapid heat will damage the micronutrients in Manuka Honey.

So bid goodbye to all myths you’ve heard about crystallized honey. They are still good, still yummy and still effective to your body and mind.

Zealandia Honey® Glass Jars
Zealandia Honey® Glass Jars

Did you know Zealandia Honey creams its honey batches, ensuring that the sugar crystals are evenly spread out to enhance the tasting experience of Manuka Honey? Try out your preferred jar from our exclusive range of Manuka Honey and share your experience with us.

Caught amidst the pandemic maze? A labyrinth where the mind alienates peace and befriends chaos? The road seems long and weary and yet we are asked to keep going? As bizarre as the world gets around Covid-19, at Zealandia we have the best solution to kick start the mind.

Ever heard of Beelandia? We call it ‘The Brain Stimulator’.

Land of the Majestic Honey Bee

Beelandia is the land of the majestic bees, a fictitious lap of beauty where Melissa nurses her offspring with honey. According to Greek Mythology, Melissa was a nymph who nursed baby Zeus with honey instead of milk. Honey was a symbol of love, fertility and beauty for the ancient Romans and Greeks. Honey from the nectar is an age old activity of bees and has been used by humans even before the early civilisation.

Beekeeper in New Zealand

Crafted in its own cradle, honey is a gift of nature that has heaps of beautiful tasting notes.

Manuka Honey is found in abundance in New Zealand so befriend the bees and slurp some honey!

Pure Honey in a Jar

But you would wonder where can you find the best Manuka Honey? New Zealand owned ‘Zealandia’ offers premium Manuka Honey where quality isn’t comprised for a dime! Zealandia not only offers the best Manuka honey but also curates attractive jars, depicting the majestic beauty of its land. Here’s a sneak peek into Aotearoa’s finest honey: Zealandia Honey - that will leave your taste buds tinkling for more.

Zealandia Honey® Gold MGO 550+

So how about turning to the mighty gates of Zealandia and stimulating your brain cells by reading a little story? It’s time to bid adieu to the anxiety and depression from the pandemic, read a little story and prioritise mental health.

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