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A little about Mānuka Honey

Someone asked me the other day two questions – Why one should take Mānuka honey and why is it expensive? These are the questions that give me a chance to influence people’s perception in a scientific manner and as a person who has been working with Mānuka honey every day for over a decade, I …

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New Zealand Expensive Honey

Why is Mānuka Honey so expensive?

Manuka Honey is a special New Zealand Honey that is made from the nectar of the native Manuka plant, called Leptospermum Scoparium. The nectar from the Manuka flowers is converted to Manuka honey over the period. It is a highly valued product because of its unique nutritional ingredients and benefits that makes it so different to …

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What does MGO stand for?

The major anti-bacterial component in Manuka honey is methylglyoxal (MGO). It is found in most types of honey, but usually only in small quantities. But where does it come from in manuka honey? In Manuka Honey, MGO comes from the conversion of another compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA), that is found in high concentration in the nectar of …

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What does Zealandia’s BIO rating mean?

Mānuka Honey is widely popular, healthy and known for its good anti-bacterial activity and MGO, and lesser known for its high levels of bioactive components and strong antioxidant capacity. Both the bioactivity and the anti-oxidant capacity aid in modulating free radical production and thus protecting cell components from their harmful action. Bioactive compounds are extra nutritional constituents occurring naturally …

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