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Santa’s Magical Gift 🎅🎁

December 18, 2020
What better to gift, than the gift of health! Explore some gifting ideas for Christmas that's suitable for all age groups. Grab our Christmas discount code as you explore our range of merchandise.

“You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why!
🎅 is coming to town”

Did you just sing this along with me? I bet you did! Every Christmas my heart pounds to meet Santa Claus! Christmas has always been about surprises or decorating the very famous Christmas tree🎄 with tinsels, wrapping lights and beautifying it with dangling stars, angels and bulbs.

Christmas gifts wrapped

We are not far away from Christmas and carols🎸🎼 have already made their way to my house while the city is bustling with shopping deals and kids are prepping for their skits. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year⭐. It’s not just a festival but a season that brings immense joy and the heart aches for more when it’s all over.

Girl on the street staring at the Christmas lights

Christmas for me, however has been very different from what it means to others. It’s different from just welcoming it as a holiday season or kissing under mistletoe or even fantasizing the mythical creatures like Rudolf guiding Santa’s Sleigh. I’m not here to bust any myths but to share a very personal experience of Christmas. It hails from the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus Christ and how he dwelt on earth for the well-being of others. And that has been “My Christmas”. A question I ought to ask myself each year - what am I going to do for others this year?🎁

Girl with Santa Cap gift wrapping

I love being a Santa🎅 to people and especially to my near and dear ones and to the less fortunate too. I’ve found an answer to my question this year. I’d be a Santa who doesn’t distribute chocolates but a healthy natural sweetener instead. This year Santa’s surprise will be the gift of a honey jar 🍯. Zealandia Honey, crafts premium quality Manuka Honey and offers Christmas deals that makes it affordable to gift.

Zealandia Manuka Honey

Today I urge you all to be a Santa to others – A Santa who possesses magical powers: Power to keep others fit and healthy. Gifting🎁 can get pricey especially when you’re gifting it to many. Zealandia Honey has Manuka Honey Sachets that are reasonably priced. Have you checked it out already? What a perfect sweet to gift this historic Christmas🍯.

Zealandia Honey Sachets

Being a brand new member of Team Zealandia Honey, I’m astonished and awestruck with the range of pretty cool merchandise they have👕. My first thought was, how can a honey brand have products like a cap, tee, tee dress or even a hoodie? So bizarre but trust me, they are quality products with a sophisticated look. How awesome is it to go around with a nature friendly product!

Beeswax food wrap from Zealandia Honey

But to be honest, what really caught my attention was the bee wax wrap. Like me, many of you may not know much about it. Bee wax food wraps are an alternative to cling wraps. They are eco-friendly products crafted by our very friendly NZ bees🐝 and they help in keeping the food fresh and healthy. I have been using them for a while now and they work like magic! You must try it and share your story with us.

Holding a wrapped gift

So yes, Zealandia Honey is a honey brand🍯 that can give you a lot more than just honey! It’s the best Christmas gift for your mom, partner, friends, relatives or it could be a good Secret Santa gift🎁. I won’t be surprised if you land up buying something for yourself too J but why not! Be your own Santa too. Ho! Ho!🎅

Hop on to our website and avail offers or checkout some special Christmas pricing deals at

And Hey! Guess What!

I’ve been a Santa already - to all of you this year 🎅

& yeah


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