Community driven results.

Working together towards a revolutionary change in the industry.

At Zealandia Honey®, people are at the heart of everything we do and everything we make. That means considering not only those who will consume our products, but also those who help craft it. So we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to protect the people in our supply chain, and the planet we all call home. From the sourcing of materials to the recycling of our products, we work with selected suppliers to ensure that our requirements are being met.

Zealandia Honey® has a strong relationship with people in the community, local businesses and beekeepers, they are the key element behind our success. Our products are proudly made in New Zealand and we are certified New Zealand Made, a trusted mark of authenticity for qualifying products from New Zealand.

The Kiwi trademark goes beyond trust and authenticity that New Zealanders put into their products and services. The Kiwi trademark speaks to who we are as New Zealanders and how we conduct business here. A Certificate Of Licence is only provided to those that meet the eligibility criteria.

Besides that we work with beekeepers that we select based on the scientific parameters coming from their honey, it's an effective way to maintain the quality of our product and at the same time a praise to those who work hard to create this unique product. Rain or shine, they are out there collecting our honey.

Working with a trusted source.

Made in New Zealand

Certified and straight from the land.

Native to New Zealand, worldwide available

The gold standard of Mānuka