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We love giving back

When you purchase our honey, you are doing more than supporting a sustainable product. You are contributing to sustaining a passionate mission to give back to our local communities. At Zealandia Honey®, each year we chose different non-profits to support causes that mean the world to us. From supporting a fundraiser to build a play ground for a local primary school to running a month long anti-bullying to raise awareness against bullying schools and workplaces. 

Your money for our honey!

It's about feeling good both outside and on the inside. We all experience mental illness from time to time. It comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. There is no one easy solution to fix all our problems. However, we can't fix the world ourselves. What we can do is show our support to make a real difference within our communities. This year we chose Mental Health as our hero cause and ran a month long campaign to raise funds for Mental Health Foundation.

Supporting Pink Shirt Day

We have a culturally diverse team where we focus on creating a positive workplace environment where empowerment and open communication is the norm so bullying cannot thrive. We strongly feel that this should not be limited to workplaces but extended to our schools and communities. Our team is proud to be an up-stander.