Honey you can trust

We take pride in the quality of our ingredients, 100% pure and natural honey. From our local and trusted beekeepers to our sustainable production facility, every drum of honey is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. We make sure all our raw honey is tested for its authenticity, purity and potency to deliver all the natural goodness and intense flavours. You can feel good about the honey you are eating and using it in your everyday life, because we are using it too from spreading on our toast to a spoonful in our green tea.

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A taste of New Zealand infused with emotion

Crafted with care

Our honey is grown mostly in the thick and lush forests surrounding the Great Lake Taupō region. Sometimes, we have to go a little further from Taupō to bring you the best honey. The bees that forage in the wild and gather the nectar are well looked after by our team of beekeepers throughout the year. They make hive health their top priority because healthy bees make great quality honey.

Harvested at the peak of freshness, it goes into controlled storage, so that the honey can mature and develop a flavour of its own. Every honey has a different and unique flavour profile. This is dependant on where the bees have been foraging, the local climate and the soil where the mānuka bush is growing.

The thoughtfully chosen raw honey is then skilfully creamed to create a tasting experience that will remain with you for a long time. Our different grades of native mānuka honey are beautifully packaged and represents the best of New Zealand experience. 

Nourish your health

✅ Rich in anti-bacterial activity

✅ Lifestyle enhancing superfood

✅ Anti-inflammatory and immune boosting

✅ Loaded with anti-oxidants and polyphenols

Recipes to inspire good health and nourishment

From our table to yours, sharing the authentic New Zealand Mānuka honey experience, where joy and flavour converge