Mānuka Magic

Nectar from the native Mānuka tree that grows wild throughout the rugged landscape of New Zealand.

Manuka Bee from Hive of Zealandia Honey NZ
Ethical recyclable Honey Manuka


Our jars are made of recycled and recyclable plastic.

Why plastic? Because we know rPET is hygienic, strong and a remarkably energy-efficient packaging material. Add to that its versatility, and recyclability, and rPET boasts an excellent sustainability profile.

In fact, the environmental impact of rPET is significantly lower than that of glass, aluminium, card, and just about any other container material. Furthermore, its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio allows PET to contain more in less packaging, resulting in less weight and less fuel when transported.

Fully traceable

All of our honey we craft is a premium product, locally sourced and manufactured. We work together with a team of beekeepers and take pride in what we do, making sure you get the best quality honey from New Zealand.

It's not just us, there are hundreds of beekeepers working in all sorts of weather conditions, travelling across unique terrain with their bees to craft this beautiful product that we are so proud of.

Our track & trace system makes sure you can verify if your honey is authentic and find out where in New Zealand the honey linked to your unique batch number was made.

New Zealand Honey Manuka Organic

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