Lynden Over

Lynden Over

Lynden Over is the world-renowned award-winning New Zealand glass artist behind Lava Glass. His style is striking and unusual. His inspiration comes from the distinctive and dramatic New Zealand landscape; its geology and its light. The work itself awakening our senses.

His work is highly regarded and can be found in a number of galleries, private and public collections throughout New Zealand and internationally. Lynden Over is known for using a technique of trailing coloured glass in layers over each piece to create a rich painterly look.

Over's signature glass range is his volcanic series with its multiple different colour combinations representing New Zealand's striking scenery and landscapes. All pieces are individually made, and therefore all vary slightly in shape size and design, making each an original artwork. Each piece is signed and dated by the artist and makes for a perfect gift or collector’s item. All designs are available in a selection of colours.

Lynden Over is an established glass artist who has studied extensively in the medium. He trained at Northland polytechnic where he completed the diploma of applied arts, majoring in glass and jewellery. After many years exhibiting glass he then founded Lava Glass, Glass Blowing Studio in Taupo. At Lava Glass, Lynden Over and his team work to produce all sorts of creative designs. Other award winning master glass artists such as Chris Jones can be found at Lava Glass studios.

Lava Glass Studios is home to some of the largest pieces of glass ever blown in New Zealand, many are situated in the picturesque sculpture garden.

Lynden's glass blowing skills were featured in Episode 1: Origins

Technical Data

Hand blown glass


470 Knoop hardness


2500 Kilograms per M3

Compression resistance

800 - 100 Megapascal (MPa)

Modulus of Elasticity

70000 Megapascal (MPa)

Refractive index

n = 1.52

Manufacturing temperature

1320 in degrees Celsius (Cº)

Material notes

Silicon dioxide (SiO2)