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Manuka Honey a little story

By Anjali Debora Barboza on October 16, 2020
Lately pandemic and depression have become best friends. Prioritising mental health while balancing physical health can get challenging. This blog shows us how manuka honey acts as a 'Brain Stimulator' while it also works wonders in building immunity. #UniteAgainstCovid19

Caught amidst the pandemic maze? A labyrinth where the mind alienates peace and befriends chaos? The road seems long and weary and yet we are asked to keep going? As bizarre as the world gets around Covid-19, at Zealandia we have the best solution to kick start the mind.

Ever heard of Beelandia? We call it ‘The Brain Stimulator’.

Land of the Majestic Honey Bee

Beelandia is the land of the majestic bees, a fictitious lap of beauty where Melissa nurses her offspring with honey. According to Greek Mythology, Melissa was a nymph who nursed baby Zeus with honey instead of milk. Honey was a symbol of love, fertility and beauty for the ancient Romans and Greeks. Honey from the nectar is an age old activity of bees and has been used by humans even before the early civilisation.

Beekeeper in New Zealand

Crafted in its own cradle, honey is a gift of nature that has heaps of beautiful tasting notes.

Manuka Honey is found in abundance in New Zealand so befriend the bees and slurp some honey!

Pure Honey in a Jar

But you would wonder where can you find the best Manuka Honey? New Zealand owned ‘Zealandia’ offers premium Manuka Honey where quality isn’t comprised for a dime! Zealandia not only offers the best Manuka honey but also curates attractive jars, depicting the majestic beauty of its land. Here’s a sneak peek into Aotearoa’s finest honey: Zealandia Honey - that will leave your taste buds tinkling for more.

Zealandia Honey® Gold MGO 550+

So how about turning to the mighty gates of Zealandia and stimulating your brain cells by reading a little story? It’s time to bid adieu to the anxiety and depression from the pandemic, read a little story and prioritise mental health.

Article written by Anjali Debora Barboza
Digital Marketing Specialist

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