Raynor Dunn

Raynor Dunn

Born in Wairoa New Zealand in 1982, Ray, schooled in Wellington and Auckland, holidayed on the river banks and in the shearing sheds of Te Reinga in Wairoa. He studied at the prestigious Maori boys Catholic boarding school, Hato Paora College, where he was grounded in Maori cultural performance, protocol, and arts, including carving. He pursued his passion in 2002, attaining a certificate in Māori Arts at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and by 2006 a sculptor was formed, graduating from AUT with a Bachelor of Art & Design degree majoring in Sculpture. Fast forward 10 years after shows in the Kaipara coast Doing international shows as far as Houston U.S, New Orleans, Sydney Australia, and the last local show in Auckland City. Based in Omori Kuratau creating new works and collaborating with other artists and engineers.

Ray's steel work was featured in Episode 2: Evolve.

Technical Data

304 Stainless Steel


70 Rockwell B hardness


78452.84 Newton per M3

Tensile strength

505 Megapascal (MPa)

Modulus of Elasticity

193 - 200 Gigapascal (GPa)

Nominal thickness

0.88 milimeters

Thermal conductivity

16.2 W/m-K at 0-100°C, 21.5 W/m°C at 500°C

Material notes

Austenitic Cr-Ni stainless steel