Healthy breakfast

Start your day with this loaded breakfast, easy to make, Manuka Honey Seed and Nut Granola.

*NOTE – we used organic ingredients from our bulk bin store – @Binn In, Taupō

2C Zealandia Manuka honey MGO100+ 

3cups oats

1C cashewnuts

1/2C almonds

1C pumpkin seeds

1C sunflower seeds

2C coconut ribbons

Combine all ingredients and fan bake at 120 degrees for 1h and turn over the oats every 15 mins to avoid burning. 

Topping, 4T standard yogurt, banana, in season strawberries( or other berries or stone fruit of choice) and a drizzle of Manuka honey

Yogurt – rich in calcium, phosphorus, Vit.B2, Vit.B12, good source of fat and protein

Banana – rich source for carbs after a physical activity, Vit.B6, manganese and potassium

Strawberries – good for hydration, rich in Vit C and Manganese

Manuka MGO100+ – supports every health and improves immunity, has a good dose antibacterial properties.