Robbie Graham

Robbie Graham

His original award-winning woodturned art pieces are distinctive in style, showing particular attention to the finish. His magnificent pieces are enhanced with subtle touches of acrylic paint and patinas, giving an attractive textured appearance to his woodturning. My woodturning style ranges from elegant hollow vessels, finely turned ornaments and unusual multi-axis works.

Robbie's wood working skills are featured in Episode 3: Flow.

Rimu Stopper

Native wood & interstellar


3.62 Kn on side


5089.65 Newton per M3

Compression strength

39.2 MegaPascal (MPa) parallel to grain

Modulus of Elasticity

9.65 Gigapascal (GPa)

Modulus of Rupture

85.6 MegaPascal (MPa)

Radial shrinkage

2.5% from green to 12% Moisture content

Turning speed (manufacture)

2000 rotations per minute

Nominal gauge

12mm diameter for carving tools

Material notes

Dacrydium cupressinum