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Last updated on 01.10.2020 -Shipping Policy

Your use of the website for purchasing or ordering any products from Zealandia Honey Limited(hereafter referred to as “Zealandia Honey”) creates a legally binding contract between you (hereafter referred to as “the customer”) and Zealandia Honey subject to the following terms and conditions:

Clause 1. Payment

Section 1.1: Payment for products must be made in accordance with Zealandia Honey’s payment policy, payment methods will be presented at the time of purchase. Zealandia Honey retains title to the products purchased until it has been paid in full.

Clause 2. Pricing

Section 2.1: Zealandia Honey will use its best endeavours to ensure prices stated on its website are accurate but if pricing errors occur Zealandia Honey will not be bound by the incorrect pricing and it reserves the right to cancel the purchase order.

Section 2.2: All orders are in New Zealand Dollars and are inclusive of GST for orders within New Zealand and any orders delivered outside of New Zealand no GST applies. While the customer may view items in a currency of their choosing, they have the ability to order and make payments in New Zealand Dollars. Zealandia Honey does not accept responsibility for any differences between the actual payment and what was stated in another currency.

Clause 3. Liability

Section 3.1: Subject to your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 Zealandia Honey will not be liable for any:

(a) Warranties, conditions and representations whether expressed, implied, statutory or otherwise, relating in any way to the website, your use of the website and information on it, products supplied, offered to be supplied or advertised or accessed through the website; and

(b) Liability (including for negligence) to you or anyone else in respect of any loss or damage (including special, indirect or consequential loss or damage), costs and expenses suffered by you or claims made against you arising from or in connection with your use of the website and the information, products supplied, offered to be supplied or advertised or accessed through this website for any reason whatsoever. Zealandia Honeys maximum aggregate liability for any products supplied to you whether in contract, tort, or otherwise shall in no circumstance exceed the amount paid by you to Zealandia Honey in respect of the product including any amount paid for delivery.

(c) You agree that if any product has been acquired for the purpose of a business, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 are excluded in relation to those products.

Clause 4. Addressing

Section 4.1: If a product is found to be misaddressed by Zealandia Honey then Zealandia Honey shall be responsible for the redelivery, replacement or refunding of the product. If the customer is found to have given an incorrect or insufficient address then Zealandia Honey will not be liable to refund or resend the product and any responsibility for correcting the delivery will be borne by the customer.

Clause 5. Cancellation of Orders

Section 5.1: Zealandia Honey reserves the right to cancel orders for any reason or to cancel a purchase agreement after order confirmation, including (without limitation) where Zealandia Honey believes the order to be fraudulent or constitute a misuse of a promotional or marketing activity or where an error has occurred including but not limited to errors relating to pricing. If Zealandia Honey cancels your order it will not be liable for any resulting damages or costs suffered by you provided however if payment has been made payment will be refunded where appropriate.

Clause 6. Duties and Taxes

Section 6.1: For any orders shipped outside of New Zealand the pricing customer is the importer of record and will be responsible for all customs import duties, sales taxes and similar statutory charges. Most of our shipments will be made through a local distributor that has already taken care of the import and sales tax. At the moment this is applicable to pricing displayed in Indian Rupees (INR).

Clause 7. Stock Availability

Section 7.1: All items sold through Zealandia Honey’s website are subject to availability and Zealandia Honey reserves the right not to accept or cancel any order for any products that are out of stock. Goods delivered may differ to the product images presented on this website.

Clause 8. Copyright and Trademarks

Section 8.1: The contact on this website remains the property of Zealandia Honey and may not be modified or altered or made available to any third party website without the consent of Zealandia Honey.

Section 8.2: Zealandia Honey is a registered trademarks of Zealandia Honey and no party is authorised to use those trademarks in any manner or form without the prior written consent of Zealandia Honey.

Clause 9. Delivery

Section 9.1: Zealandia Honey will make every reasonable and practicable effort to ensure that delivery timeframes given are accurate. Zealandia Honey shall not be liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with any delay or failure to deliver within the estimated timeframe.

Section 9.2: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that product ordered through the Zealandia 

Honey website can legally be send to the delivery address (i.e. there are no restrictions on the importation of certain products / ingredients within a country or region) and Zealandia Honey does not accept responsibility if product is held, destroyed or stopped by overseas’ customs departments. The customer accepts all liability and responsibility for the product and all costs that may incur. By proceeding with the order, you will not be eligible for a refund for the product or shipping costs and/or compensated for any costs associated with this product.

Section 9.3: Countries not accepting the import of New Zealand honey – (refer to point 9.2). If you wish to proceed with the order, you are accepting all liability and responsibility for the product and all costs that may incur. You understand that by proceeding with the order, you will not be eligible for a refund for the product or shipping costs and/or compensated for any costs associated with this purchase if the product is held, stopped and/or destroyed by Customs Departments.

Clause 10. Special Offers

Section 10.1: Special offers and deals on this website are only valid for as long as they are displayed unless expressly stated otherwise.

Clause 11. Communications

Section 11.1: By purchasing products from Zealandia Honey you consent to receiving electronic communications from Zealandia Honey which may include account status updates, order status updates, promotional and marketing material.

Clause 12. Link Sites

Section 12.1: This site may contain links to other websites operated by third parties Zealandia Honey is not liable for those sites or any content or information that such sites contain.

Clause 13. Returns

Section 13.1: Returns are accepted by the discretion of Zealandia Honey Limited. The product must be returned for review before a refund is processed. Postage for return items will be not be compensated and is at the buyers expense. The product must be unopened and unused due to the nature of products sold by Zealandia Honey.

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