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Spotlight Series: Supply Chain Tracing

March 31, 2021
Follow New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment on their journey tracing the origin of Zealandia Honey's premium products on the Central Plateau in New Zealand and learn more about the unique QR code on each jar of honey tailored to provide the consumer with the ultimate experience.

If you set the bar high, it’s hard to constantly achieve and to constantly trigger yourself and motivate yourself to keep doing it. But that’s where passion comes. That’s where pure passion for a product and maybe for, in our case, that science. That’s the most important thing to drive a small business. 

At Zealandia Honey, our vision is to dare to be different, so we try and create ripples in the water in an industry that’s been the same for over fifty years. There’s a lot of stories in the world of mānuka honey, a lot of people have questions. What is the quality? Where does it come from? All those things can be in one simple QR code that we tailor to the consumer as an experience. 

In the field, beekeepers can scan the QR code and that’s where the lifeline of the product starts. Every jar has its own QR code. If you scan it, you get your own unique experience that is tied to that jar. Where you can check the authenticity, you can check the origin and you can check lab results which will show you the potency of the honey. If you think about it that’s amazing because we produce thousands of jars and all these jars have their own unique code. 

It’s exciting that consumers will be able to see the lab reports straight away when they scan a product. We communicate that we give them quality, premium honey from Taupō. It gives Zealandia a unique point of difference that will make its mark in the world.

For more information feel free to visit the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website at:

Alternatively, learn more about this unique feature and verify the origin, quality and potency of your Mānuka honey here: Track & Trace

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