The story of Zealandia Honey®

From the land of rugged back country and lush native forest, where fire and ice of the volcanic plateau meets the water of Lake Taupō. Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection.

Mai i tuawhenua taumaha.  Mai i ngā ngahere matomato.  Mai i te wāhi e tūtaki ai te ahi kōmau me te hukapapa o te mānia puia ki Taupō moana. Arā, ko Aotearoa te wāhi e waihangatia ai to tātou miere kia eke ki runga noa atu.

Beekeeper harvesting Manuka Honey

Crafting a premium New Zealand honey.

A passion for quality is where it all started,


Passionate about creating a great product, not just honey in your average jar. We think outside the box, we use different textures for packaging our product in a way it has never been done before. We have set the bar for any company wanting to present their product not only for their aesthetics but also adding value to the planet.


New Zealand is part of the submerged continent called, Zealandia. It was described by poets of the 19th century as a new paradise. For us at Zealandia Honey, this truly reflects the unparalleled beauty of the country, its pristine waters, its deep forests, its glorious mountains, and the great rivers and lakes. We could not give our honey a better name as it reflects the beauty, richness, and authenticity of the country it comes from.


Every jar of Zealandia Honey is made to perfection. It is our pride and joy. We are involved every step of the way, from the land to the hive to the jar, in the processing, packing, and finally to you as our consumer. From the beekeepers we have chosen to be our premium suppliers, to blending and creaming our honey to that smooth and shiny texture and finally you the end consumer by displaying a wonderful product that is a treat to the eye. We stand by our product’s quality and integrity to ensure that you enjoy our product as much as we do.


Our honey comes from hives that have been placed in some of the most isolated areas of New Zealand, far from any pollution, free of pesticides, less human interference, and abundance of natural Mānuka forests, which are perfect conditions for producing premium quality Mānuka honey.


We are a young and dynamic trio, trying to make a range of New Zealand honey-based products that will stand the test of time and help raise the industry standards. Founded in 2019, by Sunil Pinnamaneni, CEO, was driven by the desire to address the short supply and limited access to quality Mānuka honey in some parts of the world. He passionately believes that people can benefit not only from Mānuka honey but other types of New Zealand native honeys because of their high antioxidant and polyphenol content.


“Our team is devoted to maintain high quality and proudly stand by the authenticity of our product.”

Before the bees

First and foremost we would like to thank you for showing interest in our products and give you a warm welcome from the team at Zealandia Honey®. The whole team has worked hard to establish a reputable brand and continue to do so by crafting some of the most unique and pristine premium honey available in the world. Zealandia has become a trusted source for honey by many of our consumers because we work together with only the best beekeepers in New Zealand.


Our Mission Statement, For Better Health, encompasses the scientific approach we have to crafting a superior product that contributes to an improved lifestyle. Our operations are driven by innovation which is essential to distinguish our brand as being Zealandia Honey®.

Selected Beekeepers

To ensure we only get the best quality honey as raw material we work with selected beekeepers. By establishing a strong relationship with beekeepers that have been in the industry for years, most of them have multiple generations of beekeeping within the family, we trust them to do what they are best at, beekeeping. Before we work with our partner beekeepers we require them to send in samples to one of our ISO17025 certified laboratories where we test for the quality, potency, authenticity and purity of the honey. We check and verify the honey sample looking at more than 150 parameters within the honey such as C4 sugars, moisture content and methylglyoxal concentration.


Last but not least, to ensure the honey comes from remote, pristine locations in New Zealand that are unspoiled we test all the honey for pesticides including Glyphosate to ensure you only get the best purest honey.


The bees of our beekeepers will collect the nectar and convert this to honey. Once the hive is sufficiently matured, a sample is extracted from the hive and sent to an accredited laboratory to test the fresh honey. The four key components that are tested during this stage are; Methylglyoxal (MGO) - Polyhpenols (APP) - Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF).


These tests will give us a first impression of the quality associated with this honey and beekeeping practices. If we determine the quality to be pristine we then decide to extract the honey from the hive which is typically done late summer after the short season that the Mānuka tree flowers starting at the beaches at the top of the North to the backcountry of the South.

The bee hives, including frames, are transported to a Risk Management Programme (RMP) approved extraction facility by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to ensure food safety. Before extracting the honey the frames are made free of debris and any capping made by the bees.

Laboratory technician testing honey

Driven by science.

Over 20 years of experience in research & development,


Zealandia Honey® prides itself to have a wealthy knowledge of research and development when it comes to honey products. Our Chief Executive Officer has extensive knowledge on food science and has been involved in developing multiple honey standards and testing methods around the world.


At Zealandia our scientifically based approach to science is what distinguishes us from other brands. We do not only quantify key parameters set out by MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries New Zealand) but also look at quality parameters within the honey such as test to see if our honey is free from pesticides and foreign matter. By examining the certificate of analysis per batch we can determine beekeeping practices in the field, temperatures during extraction and the optimum time to mature and age our honeys.


You might ask yourself, why is Zealandia Honey® going to this extent? That's because we believe in our product, want to show our customers the difference and stand out on the retail shelf. Besides all of that, we want you to experience the difference.


Passionate about creating a great product, not just honey in your average jar. We think outside the box, we use different textures for packaging our product in a way it has never been done before. We have set the bar for any company wanting to present their product not only for their aesthetics but also adding value to the planet.



Quality Control


Our brand is trusted by many of our consumers because of the quality product we craft, it integrated with everything we do at Zealandia Honey®. Our Chief Strategy Officer, is a certified Lead Auditor for Integrated Management System and consultant for multiple companies to achieve standards such as ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and BRC (Brand Reputation through Compliance).


Our Code of Conduct and comprehensive Quality Management System helps everyone at Zealandia to act in line with the values we set out. Whilst ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations to create a premium quality product.


Every jar of Zealandia Honey® has a unique batch number that you can use to trace your honey right back to the source. It will show you the geographical location your honey was harvested and verifies the MGO count of your jar.


Processing of honey
Honey processing

The final result

At Zealandia Honey® the final outcome has to be perfect. Only when we are 100% satisfied with the looks, taste and quality of our product we will ship it out to our customers. To ensure you only get the best honey from New Zealand we went trough all of the above steps, which ensures a solid foundation to craft a premium honey. Whether it is one of our Mānuka honey products you buy or one of the beautiful native honeys we have on offer you can rest assured that we have made no compromises.

We hope you enjoy our honey as much as we do, it's a true gift from nature provided to us in the form of a super food.