Track Trace Honey traceability New Zealand


Every jar of Zealandia Honey is unique, we stand by the quality and authenticity of our product. Every batch of honey is independently tested by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories in New Zealand. To guarantee the quality, potency, authenticity and purity of our honey we are proud to use the QPAP certification system. Making our honey deemed as as being authentic, true-to-label Mānuka honey.

We trace our honey from beehives on remote hive sites on New Zealand, all the way to the place where you purchase it. We make sure every jar can be traced so you can trust the purity and authenticity of Zealandia Honey. Quality is our promise, and Zealandia stands by these important parameters. Rest assured while we are crafting world’s best Mānuka honey.

Find the unique batch number on the back of your jar verify your purchase today.

Which Zealandia Honey® is right for you?

Whether you are in the USA, Europe or China we have the right label. Just choose one of our trusted colour coded labels such as bronze, silver or gold. For our Mānuka range the concentration of MGO increases per label which gives you the flexibility to use it the way you desire. The higher the MGO concentration the greater the benefits, with the happy medium being our silver label. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the quality and origin of these products is guaranteed. Our products are backed up by the QPAP standard making sure this honey meets the minimum requirements in terms of quality, potency, authenticity and purity.