Mission statement and aim 2020 Zealandia Honey

Our commitment

Zealandia Honey® is committed to innovation and growth in twenty-twenty. By chasing our goals last year (Sustainability, 2019), we have achieved great results and managed to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. We started packing our Mānuka honey in BPA free, recycled and recyclable plastic jars. This was, and continues to be, a game changer in the industry and we are proud to be the first company to adopt this new packaging material from our supplier.

It's our pride and joy to maintain a high quality product and we're involved in every step along the way in crafting this unique honey product. As the Chief Strategy Officer of Zealandia Honey Limited. Yours faithfully,



Robin de Geus

Core Values

At Zealandia Honey®, we share a set of core values – commitment, integrity, quality and respect for people and nature – which underpin all the work we do.

Our Code of Conduct and comprehensive Quality Management System helps everyone at Zealandia to act in line with these values. Whilst ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations to create a premium quality product.

Mission statement

Our Mission Statement, For Better Health, encompasses the scientific approach we have to crafting a superior product that contributes to an improved lifestyle. Our operations are driven by innovation which is essential to distinguish our brand as being Zealandia Honey®.

By stipulating our mission statement we express important values for our business, employees and our consumers alike. We are here for the long run and would like to get everyone involved to achieve our goals.


Zealandia Honey® its long term vision is to value our customers and lead the industry with innovation and sustainable practices.