Zealandia 100+

A natural sweetener with a rich golden colour

One spoon a day

You could start benefiting from eating Mānuka honey with just one spoon a day, not only does this honey taste great it also is one of the best natural replacements for refined sugars.

Use it as a daily snack, in your baking, or drizzle it on top of your morning breakfast whether it is toast, yoghurt or just a spoon of this pure honey.

Pure Mānuka honey grows in flavour and darkens over time which results in even a better tasting product. Due to our unique process this honey is not heated and only creamed to perfection by our master creamers.

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Spoon a day Manuka Honey tea
MGO 100 New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF

Unique flavour profile

This 100% pure Mānuka Honey is certified to have an MGO rating of 100, which equates to a minimum of 100mg of methylglyoxal (MGO) per kilo of honey. With a rich golden colour and sweet aroma, this honey has the unique, deep floral flavour Mānuka is known for. Mānuka honey is a delicious sweetener for baking and beverages, and works well in raw recipes. It is an excellent everyday honey that aids in improving immunity and supports health.

Straight from the source

100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey