Zealandia 250+

Use daily to stimulate your immune system

Feel the benefits

Zealandia 250+ Mānuka honey is darker and amber in colour due to the higher levels of polyphenols. This honey is rich in antioxidants which helps reduce free radicals in your body, and it also has antibacterial properties.

A stronger flavour than our bronze label, the silver label Zealandia 250+ has woody and nutty characteristics as well as intense toffee and caramel notes. The texture is velvety smooth to please your taste buds and it makes a great addition to the pantry.

The texture is velvety smooth to please your tastebuds and besides having all those healthy features, it's a great addition to the pantry. Find some recipes by reading our blog to try for yourself.

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MGO 250 Manuka Honey Reviews UMF

Unique flavour profile

Our 100% pure Mānuka Honey is certified to have an MGO rating of 250, which equates to a minimum of 250mg of methylglyoxal (MGO) per kilo of honey. It has a darker amber colour and stronger, more earthy aroma than our MGO100+. This Mānuka honey supports well-being and boosts immunity as it has proven anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey