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Zealandia Honey® Platinum

Sale price$299.00 USD

A honey with an exquisite taste like no other. At MGO1200+, this is a super premium manuka honey. Matured like a good whiskey or wine, this honey is an entry level to our limited editions.

Honey this rare is hard to come by unless the weather Gods make it work, with creating the perfect conditions for our beautiful and hard working ladies to go and forage on the untampered thick native Manuka forests.

This honey is for targeted use. Just like our Zealandia Honey® Diamond label, is sweet but has bitter after notes that are very pleasing on the palette.

Deliciously potent with an intense flavour, that only comes from high concentration Mānuka honey.

Delicately creamed for the extra touch of luxuriousness is sure to make your experience with our Platinum Label all the more spectacular!

Platinum jar of Zealandia Honey Manuka
Zealandia Honey® Platinum Sale price$299.00 USD