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From the land of rugged back country and lush native forest, where fire and ice of the volcanic plateau meets the water of Lake Taupō. Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection.

UMF MGO Level Content Manuka Honey New Zealand Organic

Laboratory verified

All our honey is independently tested by ISO17025 accredited laboratories around New Zealand to guarantee the quality, potency, authenticity and purity of your product. We are proud to craft one of the most premium honeys from New Zealand and our products are consistently rated as one of the best for texture, taste and flavour.

NZ Made Craft Honey Manuka Healthy

Guaranteed origin

True Mānuka honey only comes from New Zealand. Where the Mānuka tree grows free along the wild coasts and throughout our rugged landscapes. On our website, you can track exactly where your jar of honey originated. Simply input the batch number found on your jar into the search bar and we will tell you if your jar is authentic and the location your honey was harvested.


The Mānuka Range

Mānuka honey has been used by Māori people of New Zealand for hundreds of years. Yet over the last 20 years, extensive scientific research has been done highlighting the remarkable natural properties that are not found in other varieties of honey. It has been found that the reason behind why Mānuka honey is so special is because of the presence of a naturally occurring compound called, Methylglyoxal (MGO), formed in the honey from the Mānuka nectar.

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