Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection.

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"From the land of rugged back country and lush native forest, where fire and ice of the volcanic plateau meets the water of Lake Taupō. Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, where our honey is crafted to perfection."

The Mānuka range

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Fully traceable to the source

Our goal is to provide you with the details of you honey from hive to plate. We will make sure that you can find the exact location where your honey was harvested by the beekeeper.
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A color grading system for Manuka honey.

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The main components

Honey from New Zealand contains unique markers that are scientifically proven to be present and independently verified by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories.
MGO in Honey lab test


The major key natural component in Manuka honey is Methylglyoxal or MGO. It comes from the DHA found in the nectar of Manuka flowers.
What is MGO in honey?

Active Polyphenols

The international research group led by The Experiment Company is investigating the effects and amount of measurable polyphenols in food products.
What does APP mean?
Manuka tea tree leptospermum

DNA Markers

By extracting the DNA from pollen in the sample and then testing it to identify whether it includes Manuka pollen we determine if it is Manuka honey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Manuka honey?

Before going into the details, did you know that bees exists on this planet for more than 100 million years, and in fact they co-lived with dinosaurs.

Any honey must come from a plant source and Manuka honey is no exception. Leptospermum scoparium, as everyone knows as Manuka is a wild bush tree that grows extensively through out New Zealand in remote regions. Naturally, there is a perfect bond between bees and plants. So, our lovely bees pollinate the Manuka flower and collect its nectar. They just don’t sit on nectar; they spit they dance they pray, and they do the magic to convert that nectar into Manuka honey.

Click here to read this article on our help centre & support page. 

How do I consume Manuka honey?

There are multiple ways to consume Manuka honey but the best way is pure, straight from a spoon. If you want to mix things up a little you can add it to your breakfast, coffee or tea. Just make sure to not excessively heat your Zealandia Honey.

For more inspiration visit our recipe page here, or read this article on our help centre & support page.

How does your QR code work?

Our traceability system is created with the user in mind, it's simple to use and you can activate it by scanning the QR code on top of your jar of Zealandia Honey®. Every single jar has a unique code that we generate here in New Zealand from our server so we can control the supply chain and verify if your honey is genuine once you scan it.

It is nearly impossible to counterfeit our products due to this technology as we are in control of generating the QR codes and what kind of information is tied to this so called 'experience'.

What is Methylglyoxal or MGO?

The major key natural component in Manuka honey is MGO, which is short for Methylglyoxal. It is found in other types of honey from New Zealand, but usually only in small quantities. In genuine Manuka honey, MGO comes from the conversion of another compound dihydroxyacetone (DHA), that is found in high concentration in the nectar of Mānuka flowers.

MGO is a very reactive compound and due to its unique chemical structure, it reacts with bacterial DNA and disrupts its structural integrity and function. Thus, it directly damages the formation of new bacterial cells.

Click here to read more about MGO on our help centre & support page.

Is your product free of pesticides?

To craft the best honey from New Zealand we have set out to go over and beyond the norm. To ensure our customers get the best we send our honey to independent laboratories to have it tested for markers such as glyphosate, C4 sugars & moisture content.

Because we think that's not good enough we also send our samples away for a pesticide screen which ensures the food safety and covers over 100+ pesticides to make sure you get a clean, pure and natural product from New Zealand. 

Our CEO who has been researching Manuka Honey for over 12 years, Sunil, has written up a great article on our help centre & support page.

What are Active Polyphenols or APP?

Active Polyphenols are trademarked under APP® and identified by 'The Experiment Company' during their extensive research on the presence of polyphenols in food products. Zealandia Honey® contributes and supports this research and is a proud member of the active polyphenols association by reinvesting into research.

Click here to read an article about APP® on our help centre & support page.

 How to verify genuine Manuka honey?

Real Manuka honey comes from New Zealand. The name Manuka comes from the native language of New Zealand, Te Reo. Maori people from Aotearoa have been using the Manuka tree for centuries.

All our honey is tested under stringent conditions set out by the Ministry of Primary industries of New Zealand. Independent laboratories verify the amount of DNA from pollen present in honey in fg/uL. A combination of five attributes, 4 chemicals and 1 DNA marker verify that this is authentic Manuka honey.

If you are still not sure about the jar you are holding in your hand you can track and trace your honey with the use of our transparant supply chain here. Just fill in the batch number or scan the QR code on your jar.

How is Zealandia Honey® different?

Zealandia Honey® was founded in a laboratory where three strategic thinkers each with their own expertise crossed paths. A food scientist with over 10 years of research experience on Manuka honey, a food safety auditor with a creative brain and last but not least a food science graduate who keeps the wheels turning by connecting marketing with science. 

The team decided to take a pragmatic approach to conquer the honey industry. This resulted from being a startup in 2019 to releasing the most potent Manuka honey in the world with their MGO 1717+ that was valued over $3000 per jar due to the design, complexity of the maturing process and scarcity of the product. 

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  • "Prepared a cup of my famous 'bullet coffee' with organic butter and Zealandia's MGO 850+ - The taste was awesome and sort of reminded me of Rata or Tawari honey! I would recommend Zealandia Honey® Cobalt honey to all coffee (or bullet coffee) lovers - it's tasty, healthy and guilt-free - it will probably tame the calories received from the butter!"
    Sabooh A.
    Verified buyer Sep 24, 2020
    Zealandia Honey® Cobalt
  • "Bought this honey to take back to London with me as New Zealand Manuka is the best! Love the taste and love that its so good for me both inside and out! Great on the skin and I love knowing exactly where my honey came from. Thanks Zealandia for a fabulous product that I will continue to purchase!"
    Verified buyer of April 25, 2020
    Zealandia Honey® Cobalt
  • "Just finished a second jar of Zealandia Honey Bronze. Lovely smooth flavor we add it to warm milk, coffee and on porridge each day for a natural health boost. Another jar on its way to daughter in Canada for a little taste of home. Congratulations on a great NZ product."
    Tania B.
    Verified buyer of May 01, 2020
    Zealandia Honey® Bronze
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