NZ Honey Manuka Lava Glass Volcano


The best honey in the world.

Entry-level Mānuka MGO 100+

Packed with Active Polyphenols. (APP)

Native to New Zealand, worldwide available.

The gold standard for Mānuka.

A color grading system for Zealandia Honey®


We have developed an easy color grading system to determine the potency and efficacy for our all of our honey products to make your life easy choosing one of our perfect jars.


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Mānuka range

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Online shopping, straight from the source.

Use your unique Zealandia Honey® batch number to trace your product back from hive to plate.

From all over the world love our honey.


About the environment and land around us.

On a mission to bring the fun back into food Emma provides Zealandia Honey® with beautiful recipes.

Doing more for the community by being different.