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Zealandia Honey® Limited Reserve 2020

Sale price$2,200.00 USD

Matured over the last 5 years to achieve a state of perfection. Crafting a Mānuka honey this rich is a pure form of art. A perfect collaboration between nature and artists from the central plateau in New Zealand. Where fire and ice meet the shores of Lake Taupō.

With a certified Methylglyoxal content of 1778mg/Kg this is the most potent honey the world has ever seen. Our Limited reserve was harvested in 2015 and matured to its optimum potency over time. Like all good things in life, it took time and a little bit of attention to become the best of class.

The glass was blown by an award winning studio at the shoreline of Lake Taupō, New Zealand. Lynden Over from Lava Glass has poured his passion into the design of this unique piece of glass, representing the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. The dynamic colour range in the glass resembles the rugged landscape of Tongariro National Park, part of the 'ring of fire' hidden under the submerged continent, Zealandia. In combination with these vibrant colours Lynden has chosen to incorporate pebble stones into his design to reflect the rivers flowing away from our precious mountains.